{Sewing Tip Tuesday} #9

Yesterday my kiddo came home from school and said her school nurse passed away from cancer over the weekend. She wants me to take her to the funeral. I think she's old enough to handle it, she even has plans to make a card. But should I? I hate funerals. Ugh.

Just need someone's opinion on that...

Now moving on

The tip today is useful to anyone who sews any kind of pouch or bag with a zipper that you sew all the way around at once. Did that make any sense?? Let's look at the picture first then I'll talk about it.

So in this picture I was making a cute little coin purse. I have my outside fabrics sewed together at the bottom and my lining fabric is sewn together at the top. 

See on the right side where the zipper is parted? That's the side the zipper pulls towards to close. You can see that in your head right?

Here's the genius tip...
When you start to sew something like this all the way around, sew TOWARDS the teeth on this side.

Believe me when I tell you that it is 100 times easier to keep those ends of the zipper lined up if you are sewing towards those teeth instead of sewing through the tape edge first. Not that I know this from experience or anything ;)

Hope that helps someone!
Have a great Tuesday friends!!


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  1. It really depends on the child. As long as she wants to, has been prepared for what she will see and feel, knows that she can and should talk to you about any thoughts or fears that arise from the experience, it will be fine.

  2. I'd let her go.
    I don't like funerals either, especially if they are for someone who has died young. But I go to honor them and to show my support.

    I'm trying to catch what you're saying with the sewing tip. Maybe I'm too tired.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this very clear picture of how to pin the small bag together. Plus, the tip is going to come in handy! We're putting a zipper into a small bag in our sewing class and I wasn't sure how to line it up. Thanks for posting!


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