How to Braid with 4 Strands

I had someone a while back that left a comment on this bracelet I made

Her mind was baffled on how to braid with 4 strands.
No worries, I will show you how!

I going to use 4 different colors of embroidery floss so you can see what I'm doing. 
I'm also going to braid it rather loosely so you can follow.
Ok, here we go!

Step 1: Move left string (blue) over one spot to the right.

Step 2: Move right string (yellow) under one spot to the left and over the next spot to the left. Make sense? We moved the yellow under the purple and over the blue.

Red goes over yellow

Purple goes under blue and over red

Yellow goes over purple

Blue goes under red and over yellow

And here's how it should look repeated over and over

Now you are in the know on braiding with 4 strands :)


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