My Week in Instagrams

I can't get over how much I love Instagram! If I wasn't obsessed with my phone camera enough...

Here's the highlights from my week

**I only missed 3 pins on Wii bowling!! That was a personal best for me. Quite proud, I might add :)
**Miss Carmen loves taking car rides. She sits like a person. It cracks me up
**Saturday was an emotional day for me. I was hormonal. A good beer soothes me.
**Mr. Perfect cooked the BEST whole wheat chicken alfredo. YUMMO!
**I gave myself some french tips
**There was a ball pit at a school I was at. I just wanted to lay in there and nap LOL

Hope everyone has a great week!



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  1. Let me just say I love your wedding rings!

  2. How do you arrange the instagrams in two columns? Great blog, new follower :)

    1. Rachel, I arranged them as one giant image in photoshop. I am not that smart about how to do stuff like that in blogger, so I have to use photoshop when I want something fancy haha. So glad to have you as a new friend!


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