Felt Flower Tutorial

I had a request to show how I made the flowers I put on my fall wreath

Start with a strip of felt about 2 inches wide and the length of one of those felt sheets you can buy at the craft store

Fold it in half and hot glue just along the edge

Then make cuts about 1/4 inch wide along the folded edge. I cut about 1/4 inch from the hot glued edge.

Roll it up and hot glue the end
 Turn it over and fluff!

To make the ones that look like these...

....cut the slits at a slight angle

I also tried one where I gradually make the slits wider as a worked down my trip. It turned out like star looking flower.

They are pretty stinkin easy to make. And seriously take like 5 minutes tops.


Much Love~

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10 Things I am thankful for:

*The most loving supportive husband a gal could have
*A step-daughter, who at times I clash with, is still a blessing
*A great family who would do anything for us
*A nice place to call Home
*Bills that are paid for and a cushion in the bank account :)
*My puppy dog...she sure makes me smile
*The one person who is always your friend no matter what...Jamie
*My general health
*The internet, because I would be bored without it

What are you thankful for??

Hope everyone enjoys the day. Spend it with whomever you call family!

Much Love~

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Crochet Snowflakes


I'm still alive. I know I have been MIA for the last couple weeks. I was sick for what seems like forever. I was on a medication {for something unrelated to my cold} that gave me some funky side effects. I basically felt like I was in a fog for days. And lets face it, I've been lazy...and kinda busy...kinda. But I'm back! Woot!

So remember at the beginning of October I said I was going to follow this Crochet School?? Yeah well, I only made it half-way through and I dropped out. EEK! I'm a sorry drop out. I sucked at it. Not at the crocheting part, but I couldn't count stitches for some reason. Every row I did I lost a stitch somewhere. So instead of a nice rectangular block or stitches, I had a triangle :-(  I even had my mom {expert} try and show me. Yeah, I still suck. BUT, my mom did show me how to make a basic granny square, that I've since forgotten, and I was pretty good at that. Point to the story is, I found this pattern to make snowflakes the other day and thought I would give it a shot. Turns out I can read and follow a pattern all by myself with NO mommy-help-me phone calls and NO google! As long as I stick to crocheting in the round I might do okay with it...which is okay with me! I'll just stick to knitting for anything that involves rows.

You can find the pattern I used here at Attic 24

They were so super easy. I'm thinking of making a bunch of them while I watch tv and stringing them together for some garland. Sound good?

Much Love~

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{Giveaway Winner!!}

About time right?!?!?
It's only been like 2 weeks (maybe longer, who's counting) since I announced my giveaway for 100 followers :)
Sorry it's taken so long.
I've been sick and super busy and just feeling all around lazy...everyone's entitled to that right?

So without any more of my blabber...

The winner is

Evan Becky


email me so you can have your lovely pouch!!

Much Love~

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Where have I been??

I have been sick
It doesn't seem like it's going away either

Last week was super duper busy trying to get inventory together and tags printed and priced to drop off at the boutique I'm selling in now. So this week, I'm pooped. I have had NO motivation to do anything but sit, catch up on my blogs and my tv and sleep. Sorry dear readers, I will do something productive and worth-while here soon. I think I'm going to paint my living room this weekend, so look for that next week :)

Also, I still haven't picked a winner for my "100 followers" giveaway yet.
Still time to enter to win this ruffled pouch!!

Go HERE to enter!!!

I will return soon...pinkie promise

Much Love~

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Halloween Costumes

Hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween!!
He had a good time here.
Went trick or treating at my brother-in-law's with cousins and family.

{My kiddo is the one with the poodle skirt and the fake smile lol}

Now for my costume.
I wore it to go out Saturday night.
Remember this vest I made??
Did you guess what I was going to be??


I made the vest, the tail and the skirt. 
Whatcha think??
I thought I did a pretty darn good job {and I'm oh so humble ;)}

And just for fun, here's one of me and Mr. Perfect
He was a zombie...if you couldn't tell...tehe

Oooooh so much fun!
I just love dressing up at Halloween!

Much Love~

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{Big News AND a Giveaway}

First up, my HUGE news...

I was contacted last week by a boutique that is opening in a couple weeks not that far from my town
They are featuring handmade products all made within 250 miles of the store
And I'm sure you can see where this is going....
They want me to be one of their vendors!!


I can't wait to see my stuff sitting on a pretty little shelf in a boutique!
So I apologize to my readers for my absence, but I've been a busy bee, sewing up a storm
The unfortunate news is that I'm going to be shutting down my Etsy store for a while until I see how this pans out.

I drop off inventory this weekend
Wish me luck!

Now, on to the GIVEAWAY!!

In a post a couple weeks ago I said I wanted to do a giveaway when I got 100 followers
Well looky looky over in the sidebar...I have 100 followers!!
I'm so appreciative of every single one of you!

SO on to the goods...I'm giving away this zippered pouch to one of YOU!
Isn't it pretty? I know you want it :)

Here's how to win
Leave me a comment about....anything!! Say something funny, tell me a secret, whatever :)

I'll pick a random winner on Sunday!

Much Love~

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