{How Pinteresting} #9 PART 2

Sad news friends...spraying tea on your legs for a tan did NOT work for me :(  Maybe I did something wrong. I don't know. I showered, dried completely and started to spray it on. It just beaded up and ran off. I tried rubbing it in and it still just sat on top of my skin. I thought maybe it was because there is shea butter in my body wash and that was creating a barrier. So I went in the kids bathroom and washed the other leg with plain ol' Ivory soap. Still did the same thing.

I'm pretty disappointed. So I don't know what to try. I read all the comments and advice on Born to be Blonde and did exactly what she said to do. Anyone have any suggestions? I will keep trying to make this work if anyone has some advice. Wish I could have told all my fellow pasty people that this was the best tan ever, but no. Please leave me your suggestions!


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