{How Pinteresting} #9 PART 1

There are going to be 2 parts to this week's post. I screwed up what I was going to do and I have to wait to finish it up. So so sorry my friends. Let's start with what I am wanting to try out...

I saw this on Born to be Blonde. She shows you how to tan your legs using tea. Yeppers, tea. Sounds intriguing huh? I'm going to put myself out there and show you how SUPER white my legs are. This picture seems a touch blurry and I feel like my legs look like rubber, like the way Barbies used to look before they started using plastic.

YIKES!! As you can see, I am in desperate need of a tan. I don't want wrinkles and don't like to go to the tanning bed. I mean, how do you really know if they are even clean?? Gross. I also don't like tanning lotions. I always feel like I smell weird and my skin is greasy and it streaks. Where does that leave me? Tea.

So on this site, she says to steep black tea bags for 10-15 minutes in boiling water. I bought 50 tea bags for like $1.50 at my grocery store. Shower, exfoliate, dry off, then spray the tea on and rub in. Here's where my problem is and why this is a 2 part post...

....I made a sugar scrub to exfoliate with. But when I went to spray on the tea, it just beaded up and ran off my leg. My mistake is washing before I exfoliated in the shower. I ended up with a baby oil barrier on my skin. Oops! So the tea won't rub in. No worries though. I will do the tea treatment after my next shower and follow up with how it works. In the meantime, I will show you how I made my sugar scrub!

I bought all these things at my favorite bargain store...you guessed it...Dollar Tree!! $3! I used the entire bottle of baby oil and all but about 1/2 cup of the sugar. The ratio is about 1c oil to 2c sugar. Mix together and store in the jar. Easy peasy!

Here's my tea and supplies all ready to tan, but it was a no-go. boo.

The scrub smells good. It leaves your skin SUPER soft. It's cheap {what's better than that}. And it's easy to make.

Stay tuned peeps....I will post part 2 when I have a verdict on the tea tan.


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  1. I am so glad you're doing this! My legs are NASTY white and I wondered if this would work. Ha ha, I love having someone else be the guinea pig. Thanks! :)

  2. Let me know how it works. You know where you got those white legs from - right?!? I thought about doing it before the wedding next weekend.

  3. Oh hon, don't use baby oil! That stuff isn't good for you, it's mineral oil! Olive oil would be a GREAT substitute and is GOOD for your skin!


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