{How Pinteresting} #8

Can you believe I've been doing this series for 2 months already?!?

I've seen several projects around the web world using nail polish to paint jewelry, bobby pins, and keys!
Yes, I said KEYS!

So genius, why didn't I think of painting things with nail polish??

Saw this as my "pin-spiration"



And mine...

Sweet! Hope my boss never wants the key to the office back {tehe} cuz it's teal now!

Notice anything different about these pictures???
That's right, they're Instagrams!
I'm so stoked that Android has Instagram now. I have several other apps on my phone that are VERY similar to Instagram, but they don't have the nifty borders and online community sharing. Squeal!
I've been thinking that maybe one day every weekend I will do a post with Instagrams from my week. After all, I am a photographer by profession {wink}. 
What do you think?? Wanna see pics from my week?? Lemme know

Also, if you are reading this in a reader, click on over to my blog for a sec, would ya...
See over there in the side bar where I have a FACEBOOK button????
I decided it was time I created a fb page for the blog.
I haven't really done much of anything with it yet, just a few posts. But I'm working on figuring it out. I'll pretty it up and post more often...like all the time...I'm a fb junkie :)
So do me a favor, click on over there and "like" me. Please Please Please. I love you forever!

Now get out all your polish and bling out your keys!


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  1. love this!! Thank you so much for using my picture!!! :)

  2. Turned out very cute! I tried installing Instagram on my droid and I got it on there okay, but my camera is acting screwy. Frustration!


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