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If you haven't noticed I've been a little MIA lately. I've been out of town constantly. My cousin got married this last weekend. Life is just moving too fast. I don't have any time to get anything done, which in turn means I have no time to blog. On the brighter side, this is my last week at work until July-ish so I will have plenty of time for new projects starting next week! YAY!!

Ok, sorry for the rant......moving on....

1.  My sis's bf talks about this "Tasty Tacos" place in Des Moines, IA ALLLL the time. So my coworker and I stopped there for lunch on the way to Minneapolis.

2.  Don't those tacos look like heaven?? The picture is not lying, they were to die for!

3.  Lifetouch corporate offices when my training was.

4.  If you follow me on facebook or twitter you know we made a trip to Ikea in Minneapolis. It was SOO much fun! And by the looks of it, you can see we made off with some loot :)

5.  Fancy chicken dinner at Napa Valley Cafe at the Mall of America. Yum-O

6.  Grooms cake at my cousins wedding. He's a huge Royals fan.....even made their wedding color Royals blue haha.

I can't promise you I'm going to have stellar posts this week, if I can get around to posting at all. Between work, my anniversary (tomorrow yay), my nephew's birthday, my brother-in-law's birthday, my niece's birthday and baptism, dental work, and more work work work, I'm kinda busy. And I'm hoping to get my flower bed planted on Saturday. We'll see if I have any energy by then.


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