A Quick Rant

Like, hate them with a passion
Sugar ants, big tree ants, flying ants, I despise them all!

Why do they constantly find a new way in my house to attack my dog food???
I spray, inside and out.
I fill up their entry holes with silicone.
I kill them.
I move the dog food.
I've cut down trees and bushes outside.
I pulled up all the plants and ground cover.
I tore up all the pavers outside.
I do everything.
Yet they are still out there somewhere.
They haunt me and I don't like it.
Not one bit.

Nothing sours my mood faster than seeing an ant.
Guess I should go deal with this...again.
The End.

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  1. Right there with ya sister!! I hate them too!! Worst thing ever is when you are about ready to enjoy a big bowl of cereal..and it is RUINED by ants! Soo annoying

  2. YUCK!! They really just drive me insane!! I've had nightmares about them too. Have you seen the last Indian Jones movie (2008)? There's a scene when these people get eaten by swarms of killer ants! It makes me so ill to watch it, but that's what my nightmares are like! AHH!!


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