American Girl Doll Clothes

sI have to tell you straight up that I think American Girl Dolls are stupid.
It's not necessarily the doll that's stupid, but paying $100 for one is!
My kiddo got one for Christmas from her aunt and uncle. 
So she wants new clothes for it. Do you know how much that crap costs?!? ONE outfit will run anywhere from $30-$50! Are you kidding me?? I don't even spend that kind of money on my own clothes, or the kid's clothes, so why in the world would I spend that on clothes for an overpriced doll!

Ok now that I've told you what I think about that, I can't disappoint the kiddo.
If she wants new clothes, new clothes she will get.
She has a birthday next week...the big double digits...10!
I picked up this pattern a couple weeks ago for $1 at a pattern sale at Joann.

I decided to start with look F down in the bottom right corner. It seemed easy enough. I only used fabric I had on hand because it was raining and let's face it, I melt. I think I will try look C this weekend.

My pictures aren't the best, but it's pretty stinkin cute! 
So for the cost of the pattern the kiddo gets some new clothes.
I'd say that's waaaaay better than the $30 at the store :)
Score 1 for mom!

Much Love~

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