I was featured!!


Sooooo incredibly HONORED and excited to be featured this week on, not one, but
...let's say that again...
TWO blogs!!!!

You can't see it, but I'm totally jumping up and down clapping like a 3 year old *hehe*

A GINORMOUS thank you to the 2 ladies that featured me!
You can check them out HERE and HERE

And now a little introduction for a very special lady in my life...

Meet Carmen

She is my girlie. Here's a few things you should know about Carmen. She's 8 years old {her birthday is in April, in case you were wondering}. She's a pitbull mix, not sure what the "mix" is. I rescued her. She's the most well-behaved, sweetest dog you will ever meet. My grandma says she's the best dog she's ever met *tear*. As you can see, she loves to chew. She doesn't fetch, she doesn't do tug-o-war, just chewing.

She has a crazy tongue and she knows how to use it! She is a licker, a constant licker. It's gross.

She glares at me when I take pictures of her. And she likes to stare at people, but never wins the staring game.

Sometimes she makes silly faces. Btw, her entire muzzle used to be the color of her ears, but she's an old lady now.

And she uses her hands like people do. It cracks me up. She folds them one on top of the other when she lays down too (ignore her talons, they seem to always need cutting)

Don't ya just love her?
I do!

Much Love~

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  1. Congrats on being featured!!! I think your pooch is a cutie!!!


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