My 2011 Favorites

I can't believe another year has flown by already! Sheesh.

Anywho, I know I haven't had this blog ALL year long but I've seen a lot of people doing end-of-the-year recaps of their favorites or most popular posts or whatever. So here's my 12 favorite blog posts/projects from this year...meaning, mid-april till now :) Oh, and I would do a countdown, but I just can't pick a favorite! UGH, I just LOVE all my projects!! Does that make me conceited or narcissistic?? Oh well, it's my blog and I can brag if I want to  ....right?!?

In NO particular order ;)
Manly Tablet Cover
Refashioned Shirt and Skirt

Statement Necklace
Melted Crayon Garden
Chalkboard Door
Braided T Shirt Bracelet
Yarn Word Art
DIY Halloween Costumes
The best yarn trick ever
Toilet Paper Tube Art
Interchangeable Flower Headband
Mod Podged Plates

So there you have it, my favorites from 2011 :) Can't wait to see what 2012 brings!

Wishing everyone a prosperous and safe New Year!!

Much Love~

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  1. What a great year you've had, Meredith. Happy 2012!

    Warmly, Michelle

  2. That toilet paper tube art is genius! :) Thanks for linking up at Craft Buds, and happy crafting in 2012.

  3. LOVE this!! And hoping you can link it up at my turquoise lovin' party! http://www.sweetlittlegals.com/2012/01/turquoise-lovin-19.html


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