Fuzzy Coloring Page Thingy

I don't know what they are called. You know those coloring pages for kids that are black and fuzzy and you color in the lines?? My mom bought this giant floor book filled with those things for my kiddo. Most of the pages tear into small individual sheets that have birds and monkeys and kid things on them. BUT, there was one, that looks like a kaleidoscope, stained glass window type design. It's huge, the size of the book. My kiddo of course tosses it aside. Can I have it?? She says sure!

I used her markers when she was at school...sshhhh. I used colors that are in my dining room (navy, lime and white) and my living room (orange and white). It's going to hang on a wall in the living room right next to the opening to the dining room to kinda tie the two rooms together. I dig it. I'm going to frame it...black frame, white mat.

Too juvenile? Mr. Perfect doesn't mind. I like it.

Much Love~

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  1. In addition, they usually put in children's educational values, morality, humanity and love of neighbor human beings, nature, animals and all the wonderful creations of God.

    Coloring Pages

  2. I can't wait to see it, I'm sure it will look great!


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