Inappropriate followers

I'm not sure if anyone else out there has problems like this, but I need advice if you do...

In the past month I've gotten 2 followers that are obviously spam. Their profile pictures are completely inappropriate and I don't want them displayed on my page. I've blocked them individually when I've seen them appear.

So my question is, can I prevent this from happening in the first place?? Is there a security measure I can put on my blog to prevent such things from happening?


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  1. Same here...having the same problem...still looking for way to solve them... will update you if I solved them!

  2. There is a way to block followers! Another blogger told me how... I'll look it up and comment again in a minute...

  3. I found it! Go to your dashboard. Click on your followers from there. Click on the follower you want to block... and then click 'block follower'. Hope that helps!

  4. in the design area of your blog, clik on the settings tab, and then select the comments tab under that. scroll down, and where it says "show word verification for comments" select yes, this should help cut down on spam. Also you can select who can leave comments on this same page, for instance you can allow anyone to comment, or only registered users. Another idea is to enable comment moderation (also from this same page). Where it says "comment moderation" click on always. That way, the comments will go to your email before they are published on your blog, and you have the option of publishing them or just deleting them. Hope this helps.
    PS...I'm a lurker, I do enjoy your blog very much!

  5. ok, so you already have word verification enabled. :)
    Sorry, that wasn't much help! lol


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