Painted Curtains

I recently painted my living room. We've been in this house for 2 years and it's never been painted. It's actually never been decorated or designated as any specific room. It's just been this unfinished eye sore of a room you see as you walk in the house. Ugh. Image a long room with one long wall, two walls that are huge archways that take up most of the wall, and the last wall is mostly a giant bay window. One archway opens into the dining room and the other the entryway. It's basically just a pass-through room. What do you do with these kinds of rooms?? I have a piano in there that can't go anywhere else in the house, so that's stuck. It has to go on the long wall. I can't have any sofas in there because where would they go?? SOO frustrating. Hence the reason I haven't done a thing to that room the last 2 years.

Ok, on to the point of this post {tehe}. I painted the room. The long wall is an orange, the side walls are white and the wall around the bay window is also white. The alcove the bay window is in is orange. We think it looks nice without being overwhelming. So I've seen several pins of painted curtains that I really liked. {didn't even know you could do that!}

I took a full size flat bed sheet that I got for $5 from Wally World and cut it down the middle and hemmed the split. Then I taped out my stripes on a drop cloth

Of course I painted them next :) I was going for an ombre effect on them. It turned out so-so

Then hung them up! I'm not totally sold on them. The paint didn't end up completely even which infuriates me. It's not noticeable when its dark, but when the sun is shining through them, like it does allllll day long, it's very noticeable. I wanted to take them down and scrap the whole project as a big fat FAIL, but Mr. Perfect wouldn't let me. He said I had worked too hard on them. Still not sure if I should listen to him or not...but for now they are staying....I guess...maybe...

I hate when things don't go exactly as planned. Oh well.

Much Love~

PS. See that painting over there? Look a close up on that beauty tomorrow ;)

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  1. Hey! I just stumbled upon your blog and am loving the creativity! :)
    Oh, i Looovee how the curtains have come out to be! The look pretty decent, u needn't worry about them being a fail! :)

    I'll be glad if u drop by my blog sometime:)

  2. Great Idea with the sheet. This maybe an economical way for me to cover my 109in window in the front of my house with out having to break the bank on special order curtains. Heart you and miss you bunches. P.s. Matchbox was on the radio on my way home from work yesterday.

  3. I think they look great! I just found your blog from the craftomaniac party & am your newest follower. If you get a chance, I'd love you to stop by my blog & maybe follow along too!

  4. I like your curtains. From the photos they look fantastic. I love the glowy look the orange makes with the light shining through. Definitely not fail.

  5. Awesome Job!!! They look great!! I also called myself painting curtains and about a month later only have one completed! I'm ready to just scrap the project...but like your husband said...I worked way to hard! I would love for you to come share today over at Passionatelyperfect.com

  6. You did a really great job on the curtains. They look lovely. I love to sew and don't do as much as I used to, need to get back in to it. You put a lot of work in to this project and it shows. Thanks for sharing at Sunday's Best and wishing you very happy holiday's.

  7. i just went through the same thing--wanting striped curtains for my family room and seeing a lot of people painted them...i almost went for it! but what you have...well, not to offend, but that's what i was afraid of! i think your curtains look pretty in the photos, but i can see what you're describing. :) so i ended up buying sheets from wally's as well (can't beat those $5 sheets for big projects! i think half the curtains in my house are made from them!) and sewing them in alternating color stripes (gray & white). okay, now that i've written a book in your comment section...just wanted to say--love the orange, love the stripes, love the blog!

  8. I personally think they turned out adorable. If you really are bothered by the light showing through, why don't you just buy another bed sheet from Walmart and line them? It would be really easy.

  9. Oh also, can you tell me the exact color of orange you used?

  10. You are awesome so I featured you at my Hookin Up with HoH Party!

    Feel free to stop by for a button if you'd like. :)


    Allison @ House of Hepworths

  11. I think they look great and will be stealing this idea for the curtains in my kids room. Might use a drop cloth instead of sheet just for the extra light blockage.

    I'd love to invite you to share this on Thingamajig Thursday going on now...http://radcrafter.com/2012/01/thingamajig-thursday-party-9/


  12. This is something I was just talking to my husband about doing soon to our house! I want new curtains and I LOVE THE HORIZANTAL STRIPES....I am still debating on buying fabric or painting it....depends what I can find. Did you feel this was better than buying/sewing fabric?

    I especially like yours because I am going towards orange too....just in my house a deeper or more burnt orange would go better! Thanks for inspiration!

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this last week on Thingamajig Thursday! Hope to see you again this week!


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