Christmas Mantle

I don't go all out and decorate my entire house for Christmas. I also don't do a million Christmas crafts. I work full time, and quite frankly don't have the time. I do put up a tree and decorate my mantle though.

That's as good as it gets around here hehe

I made this wreath last year for Christmas to hang on the door. I really liked it. The problem was (I've talked about this before, sorry) it melts in the doorway! It's made with hot glue. The heat between my doors melts the glue, the beads fall off and my felt droops. It's a huge mess. So sad. But, it looks fab on my mantle!!

Not sure why that bottom leaf looks bluish..It think some light is reflecting back from the mirror and shining through the thin felt. Hmmm...mysteries...

I like this one better than the winter wreath I posted about earlier this week. Too bad I can't put it on the door

Much Love~

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