Ruffle Scarf #2

And yet, another scarf tutorial!
This one is made from another ill-fitting, wonky, too small, long-sleeved shirt that I hate, but is soooo soft.

 Start with a shirt
 Trace several paper plate circles on it. I did 2 on the front, 2 on the back
 Cut out each circle. Then cut them into a spiral. It doesn't have to perfect by any means, just make sure you don't cut it very thin. I have about 1.5" thickness all the way around. After you have the spirals cut, stretch them all out. They will be very ruffly!
 Cut a little square. It doesn't have to be very big. I didn't measure.
 Take all your strips and wrap the little square around the middle of them {where the back of the scarf is...hope that makes sense} I hot glued, but you can use fabric glue if you want
 Then wear it! I just wrapped mine in a loop around my neck.

Hope you make one for yourself!
Of course if you use more than one shirt it will be thicker. Just do what you like!

Much Love~

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  1. Oh that's cute! I had tried the infinity tutorial before, but I'll have to try this one too!

  2. I LOVE this! Who would'a thought you could make something so cute from an old tshirt? You're awesome.

    Thanks for linking up to "Tute"-in Tuesday!

  3. Wow, the scarf really looks so simple and trendy, sure I will try this. Thanks for the wonderful share! Do posting!!


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