Fall Wreath

Yesterday I showed you my BEST wreath trick ever
Awesome right?

Now to reveal my wreath!

I can't use glues on wreaths because my front door is an oven and everything melts...
...so how did I solve this problem?

I stuck those flowers on with sewing pins. There's a pin hidden in the middle of each flower. And the ribbon is held on with pins also.
Pretty smart right??

Now I can finally have a successful wreath on my door!

Oh, I should mention, I hung this wreath up last week and it was fabulous. BUT the heat presented a new problem I didn't foresee....my pipe insulation started to soften and droop. My wreath was more of a sagging egg hanging on the front door. It was sad. So I took it down and thought on it for days. Then I had another genius moment...I poked a wire hanger inside that piece of insulation and ran it all around the inside. Now it has structure and stays in a circle :) Next time I will be putting a hanger in before I duct tape the ends together.

I'm so happy with my fall wreath! 
I'm also happy I've defeated the oven between my doors! Take that!

I sent a cell picture to Mr Perfect of the wreath
His response...wasn't, "looks great", or "I love it", or "I've always dreamed of a wreath like that"....no, he said "There's nothing that says 'a woman lives here' like a wreath on the door"
Thanks babe, really.

News flash...I'm a woman, I live here, and we're having wreaths from now on!

Much Love~

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  1. Ha ha ha ha!!!! I love his response. So true.

    It turned out very cute! I want, no NEED to get going on a fall wreath.

  2. I love your bows. I have seen tutes on pinterest to make some but none as full as yours.

    would you be willing to share how did you make them?

  3. I like your idea of the hanger inside. I had a similar problem with a fall wreath I made from the insulation. I will certainly try the hanger next time. I was trying to think of something sturdy to put in there, but hadn't thought of a hanger. And speaking of "Mr. Perfects," when I made my wreath, my husband told me it looked like a steering wheel with flowers on it. Ha ha. And he asked me how it was a wreath if it wasn't made out of foliage.

  4. I made a new summer grapevine wreath with seashells and starfish, etc. using a glue gun. My front door is painted black is gets very hot in the sun, which melted the hot glue....duh! I got online and found a suggestion for using Aleene's Original Craft Glue. Got it at Michael's Arts & Crafts. It's the gold color bottle with white writing on it. It has held the shells even in the heat. You can use it on several types of materials. Great Product!


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