Infinity T-shirt Scarf

Fall is the best time for scarves, don'tcha think??
Yeppers, I do!

So I made that purple ruffle scarf last week and I have 2 more scarves for you that you can make from a shirt or some scrap knit fabric.

I have several of these cheap-o shirts from Kohl's that I've had for years. They are ill-fitting, too short, and have wonky seams...but are sooooo soft. Perfect for an upcycle!

Here's what I started with
{warning: picture overload!}
 Cut off under armpit of shirt
 Cut body of shirt into strips around 1.5"
 Stretch all the strips. The edges will curl up
 Cut 2 squares to cover the side seams on the strips. I just used the cuff on my shirt.
 Line up all the side seams
 Wrap squares around the side seams. I hot glued it shut because it was quick, but you could use fabric glue if you plan on washing it.
 Wear it with the cover-up squares in the front
 Or in the back!
 Or wear it long! You pick :)
Go cut up an old soft shirt!
Look for another T-shirt scarf upcycle on Wednesday!

Much Love~

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  1. This was really clever, and you can wear different ways! I will be following your Wednesday T-shirt upscale. I would love it if you share this at my 1st Sunday's Best Link Party. I will be following!


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