{Sewing Tip Tuesday} #14

This is going to be the MOST useful tip for anyone that sews on knit. It blew my mind when I saw it. Seriously. This will change the way I feel about refashioning some of my clothes, as in, BRING IT ON!

This tip comes from Jessica at Me Sew Crazy. Isn't her blog name just hilarious?? I love it. Ok so check it out, she says to keep your knit seams from stretching out and looking all wavy, but tissue paper under your piece as you send it through your machine. 

How brilliant is that??? Guess I've got some refashioning to catch up on this week :)

Go give Jessica some love for such an awesome tip!


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  1. I would never have known this, thanks for sharing!

  2. I saw this on pinterest and I'm like.... oh yay, HAVE to try!

  3. That's a great tip!:) Thanks for sharing!!


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