Insta Friday {a couple days late}

I have been trying to post a few Instagrams each weekend to give you a little peak into my life. It's mostly pictures of my dogs, but I still like to show them off.  I've decided to do this on Fridays as part of Insta Friday at Life Rearranged. So yeah, it's Sunday, obviously. But I'm going to post it anyway and in the future it will be on Fridays, mmmkay?

life rearranged

Mr. Perfect makes the most DELISH bacon, egg and cheese biscuits!! MMMMMM

I have this old rose bush we dug up and put in a pot. It blooms about 1 flower a year. I think this one's a winner!

Me and my girly Zoey, chillin on the patio

The whole family took the fur babies to the dog park. They loved it! We have a HUGE off leash dog park not far from us. It even has a "dog only" beach for them to get in and swim. Neither one of my dogs really like to swim, but they like to get their feet wet and drink the nasty water

Here they are, pooped out from the dog park. Big dog panting and drooling. Little dog passed out on the floor.

Mr. Perfect recently discovered that I am 30 years old and have never purchased a lottery ticket of any kind. So we pull up to the gas station, he hands me $40 and tells me to go in, but a powerball ticket, a couple scratchers and put the rest on our pump. I felt like such an idiot. First of all I had no idea which scratchers to get. Second, there was a language barrier between me and the cashier. It sucked. I got 2 of these crossword type scratchers. This one was a bust. The other one gave me a free ticket, and that ticket was a bust. So $4 down the tubes....exactly why I don't buy these things.

Next weekend we are participating in a washers tournament at a friends house. It's kindof a big deal around here. So we had to practice up! Check out our super awesome shirts from last year! We are trying to decide if we are going to stick with the same team name or come up with something different for this year. Your thoughts??

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  1. Love the pictures and so cool about the washer tourny! How fun!! I like the name you all used last year, so cute.
    Visiting from "Sunday Social"
    Love on a Budget

  2. Yumm...those breakfast biscuits look delish--and I'm not even an egg person!

    I'm kind of partial to keeping the same name, kind of sets up a tradition of sorts I guess. Hope you win first place this year!

  3. that breakfast looks SOOOO good!! hope you're having a good weekend!!


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