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Hi friends! Sorry for my absence. If you didn't know, I am a school photographer by profession. My summer, sadly, is over. I went back to work last week. We have lots and lots of seniors to photograph during the summer. It's a total bummer because I'm never ready to go back after having 6 weeks off. It just doesn't seem long enough. I always have a difficult time having motivation for anything when I go back to work. I get off, I come home and I seriously sit on the couch the rest of the day. Maybe because I'm used to going about my day at my own pace by the time I go back and working wears me out. Ugh.

On top of work, the kiddo had her 11th birthday last weekend. Talk about exhausting. Shopping for presents, food for the sleepover, planning the sleepover, entertaining the girls, cleaning the house, it seriously stressed me out. I'm SO glad we are done with the party. The only thing I still have looming over my head is her family party....which may never happen. We cancelled the family portion last weekend because 3 of her cousins have chicken pox and 3 more of them are in contagious stages. Seriously bad timing for that. But now that it's all over, I took the kiddo over to share lollypops with them yesterday. 2 weeks from now, we should be seeing spots. She's not thrilled about it at all. I'm not thrilled either, but we figure it would be best for her to get over it now when she's 11 and she won't miss any school for it. Can we just fast forward to like, September????

I'm sure you are tired of my ranting, so I will stop.

I don't have any wonderful sewing tip this week. BUT I do have a little sewing project to share with you AND a fabulous giveaway at the end. Woo Hoo!!

A couple weeks ago I replied to a request for pattern testers at At Home With Mrs H. Samantha was wanting people to test her pattern for a bow pleated bag. It's super cute!

Here is how mine turned out!

Ignore my chipping polish {yuck}.

Cute right?!?!

Her pattern is super easy to use. It has options for a fixed strap, as opposed to the adjustable one on mine. And it has an option for a slip pocket inside instead of a zippered one.

Wanna make your own?!?!?!?  Samantha is letting me giveaway one of her patterns to one of you lucky ducks! All you have to do is leave me a comment telling me what color you would make your bag if you won!!  :)

For a bonus entry, like me on Facebook. Then leave a separate comment telling me you did so. If you already like me, leave a separate comment saying you already follow :)

Last giveaway I did a couple weeks ago only had ONE person enter, so your chances are pretty good at winning if you enter. Just sayin'

Giveaway closes next Monday (7/2) at 11:59pm. Winner chosen by random and announced Tuesday July 3rd.

BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE --------->  If you don't win and still want a pattern, Samantha is offering my friends 15% off the pattern in her etsy store!!!! WOOT!!! Click here to visit her etsy store. Enter the code BOWPLEAT15 for the discount!

Go enter people!!


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  1. Hey, maybe I'll get lucky again! :) Nah, I want you to get lots and lots of followers.

    This bag is utterly adorable! I think I'd make one in a coral or a minty green. Or maybe gray. Or...
    Ah, I could go on. I LOVE your fabric you chose! It looks so professional!

  2. Oh and I like you on facebook already

  3. I want one just like yours!! you did a great job!! and that is a bummer about the chicken pox!!

  4. I love that purse! You have to look on FB to see the new one I made. Condsidering the colors Amy said she would make hers - she needs to see the one I made today too!

    Don't put me in the contest - save it for your followers.

  5. Love your colors! And I hope the kiddo gets the chicken pox then gets over them quick. It's so much easier when you're younger. I think I'd use a black background with the bow being a plum, with cream and black zinnias. I've been looking for something to do with that fabric :)

  6. And I'm a Facebook Follower :)

  7. I'd definitely make the bag cream. Or maybe a sand color like you did. With a black bow? Presh! Love the giveaway!

  8. Your bag is so cute! I think I would make mine in orange. I am Loving that color right now! Thanks for doing this!!!

  9. Sounds like a seriously stressfull week!!! The purse is adorable, good job! Please enter me!!

  10. oops!! I'd make mine in orange with a crisp white bow...or grey and purple.

  11. ps I totally follow your facebook page!


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