{How Pinteresting} #14

I'm excited to show you this weeks Pinterest project! It's where you get to see the team name we went with for the washers tournament I talked about last week

First let me show you the inspiration..... This one comes from Crafterhours. She has a cute way of refashioning those old tshirts you don't want to wear, but can't bear to throw out.

Last Saturday we were in a washers tournament. If you don't know what that is, check out my post from last year and the sweet shirts I made for us. We decided to rock a different team name this year, which means new shirts. I already had a couple men's large white tshirts laying around from the anniversary shirts I made last month.

I used my new Silhouette to cut out freezer paper stencils and painted our new name on these shirts. So Mr. Perfect's shirt was good to go after that. Mine needed some tweaking. I'm not gonna wear a men's large tshirt out of this house. So I took in the sides  to make it my size, then followed the tutorial on Crafterhours. It's super simple and doesn't take much skill at all. Here's what I came up with......

Ignore the bra straps please, and thank you.

I was pleased with how it turned out. And for a shirt I was only going to wear once, it's better to make something quick and easy.

I bet you are dying to see how they looked after I painted our team name on.....and what is our team name???

It's offensive, but hilarious :)

SEXY PITCHES!!!!!!!!!! LOL  Get it??

We didn't win this year, but we still had a good time. More picture to follow tomorrow on Insta Friday.


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  1. Ha ha! Silly play on words. My aunt did something kinda similar for Halloween. My mom was telling us about it, had us all cracking up. They all had sheets wrapped around them, but then also had bull horns (bull sheet), something with a chicken (chicken sheet) and bricks (sheet bricks.)

  2. Sexy Pitches!!! I love it! Great job on the top, looks fab!


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