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I took a lot more pictures  with my phone this week than I thought I did haha. I feel good about it though. Got some good shots.

life rearranged

So I had my blood drawn {for what feels like the millionth time} and as I was walking out of the room, I felt this odd warm feeling on my arm. Yeah, blood --- all the way down to my wrist!! It was sick. The little cotton ball slipped when she taped it to my arm and I bled out. So I got the hefty purple wrap to keep it in place. I think I'll be ok if that NEVER happens again in my life.

Where Mr. Perfect works. It's high security.

If you missed it yesterday, these are the shirts we wore to the washers tournament last weekend. Check out yesterdays post if you want to see how I made them :)

These guys have a little blue grass band and they played some really hilarious music for us after the tournament.

Catching some sun. I have a really hard time making a straight face and I feel like I look like a doofus. But he doesn't have a problem with it, does he? He looks like that most of the time fyi

The sky was so dreamy ------ahhhhhhh

That face just makes my day. She's such a sweetheart.

Um yeah, this is what my day came to on Tuesday. Stress, hormones, the kiddo, it all just pushed my last button. I'm not gonna lie, this wasn't my only shot.

You might have seen this picture on facebook if you follow me there. I've never used RIT Dye in my life --- until this week. I'm in love with the stuff now. I've been thinking of all kinds of things I can dye besides this skirt. Doesn't this picture look so ethereal? Like a ghost or something is going to appear any second!

Where I live there are miles and miles and miles and miles of trails like this. They wind all through the county in and behind neighborhoods. Part of it runs right by us, so we took the pups for a super long walk. I wore flip flops {FAIL} and now I have a couple lovely blisters. But the walk was gorgeous and the pups needed the exercise.

Whenever the dogs ears end up flipped the wrong way we refer to it as them "wearing their barrettes" {haha}. So I couldn't resist this picture of the two of them on our walk with one barrette in. Too cute!

Are you sick of seeing pictures of my dogs each week??? No? Good, then I'll continue. I don't have a cute baby to take pictures of, so the fur babies it is.

Have a great weekend friends!!


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  1. Really fun, cool pics! I think you can never take too many! :)

  2. I've been getting poked lots lately too (low platelet count. so fun.) But one time when I was getting an IV in my hand (yeah, THAT hurts!) the nurse didn't close the connection right or didn't hook it up right or something and blood poured out the tube from where it was attached to my vein. Very gross.

    You guys are total hotties! :)


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