Insta Friday

See some of what's been going on this week as I join Life Rearranged's Insta Friday.

Do you see that hair??? Take a wild guess what part of the body it came off of.......the hubs EYEBROW!!! Seriously dude, use those trimmers!

I'm still in love with her cuteness. Tired of hearing me say that yet?

That's right, I put a pool on our patio. It rocks!

I can see the agony in your face as I take your picture. You can't hide it mister!

I cut out a stencil with my Cameo! It was so much fun!

Red Glitter Paint!! Team shirts for the washers tournament we are in tomorrow. You'll see full pics of the shirts next week. They are awesome!

You would think her neck hurts, but she was snoring. Zzzzzzz.......

Red Velvet ice cream is my new love. But, I made the mistake of looking at the nutritional facts....15g of sugar per half cup! HALF CUP!! So unless I want to go into a sugar coma and have a bigger butt in the morning, I have to limit myself to one lonely scoop. Boo

Just enjoying some nightly snuggles with my Zoey while watching old episodes of Project Runway :)

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Have a great weekend friends!


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  1. The eyebrow reminds me of your father - but he won't let me pull it out! I do make him trim them - yes, them. He has more than one!

    1. David has more than one too! This particular one just happened to be sticking out funny. He said I could pull it, which surprised me, because normally he swats my hand away

  2. Um, yes please DO forget to enter the giveaway because I want to win. :)

    That eyebrow is crazy Gandalf-style!


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