{How Pinteresting} #10

It has been awhile since I've done one of these posts hasn't it? So sorry! It has returned!

Here's my "pin"spiration photo for the week. It comes from Mommy in the Mountains


I think that rug is just stinkin cute! Our front porch needs some MAJOR lovin. It's so bare and not welcoming. We might as well hang a sign on the door that says "buzz off". I have tried to spruce it up with a cute wreath, but, ya know, they only do so much. We currently have one of those small, stiff, mats you can buy at Walmart or wherever that has 3 faded palm trees and the word Welcome. But, I live in Kansas, not California. That rug is on its last leg for sure! So into the trash it goes...

You remember me going to Ikea? I bought a plain rug to put on the front porch, with the intention of painting it. I can make it cute, without some cheesy palm trees. And it's actually a decent size without having to break the bank to buy it. Score!

Before I show you mine, let me just say.....I KNOW chevron is overdone. I KNOW ombre is overdone. But whatever, I still like it all anyway. And on another side note...all my pictures have a slight red ring around them. Uh, that happened in photoshop because I forgot to reset a setting. My bad. Ignore it because I'm not going back to redo all these pictures lol.  Anyway here's my rug

 I just planted the flowers a couple days ago so those really dress up the place too! And ignore the glare on the glass and harsh shadows....my house faces south....allllll day long.

Wanna make your own?? It's simple.

Start with your rug. Make sure you do this project on the carpet in your living room like I did, just don't tell your husband {hehe}  .......this is one of those moments where I'm sorta happy he doesn't read my blog......

Tape off your design, or use a stencil, whatever you want to do. Let me just warn you, these scratchy, high pile rugs are SO hard to tape. Like, the tape doesn't stick at all. It's barely just sitting on top of the rug.

Then paint! I used a nice stiff brush and tried to really work the paint down in the fibers.

Peel the tape off and voila!

What do you think? I love it. Mr. Perfect loves it. The kid has already wiped her feet on it. Guess that's what it's for!

I heart Pinterest


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  1. I find it very stylish, cute, and welcoming! And a huge improvement to palm trees (can't stand the things and they're all over the place in AZ. bleh.)

  2. Very cute! I'll wipe my feet on it too - next time I come to visit!

  3. that looks great! i hope it lasts all season.

  4. This looks amazing. So surprised at how simple you make it look. I may just have to try this. I totally think that ombre and chevron are still cool!!


  5. Adorable! Love the Chevron!


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