Shame on me

I am SOOOO behind in my blogging! I've busy doing projects, and watching tv, and just....life. This last weekend we had 3 birthday parties in one day! Then Sunday I had to photograph a graduation.....on Mother's Day.....what is up with that??

I have about a million projects I want to post about. I just need to find the time to do it. I need to focus in the morning when I'm most productive instead of watching reruns of Project Runway. I need a little personal assistant is what I need HA! I wish.

So to my readers: I am sorry I didn't have a week in Instagrams post. Honestly I didn't even take any pictures last week (which is usually what happens the first week I'm done with my day job every summer). I am so sick of being glued to my camera that I just quit taking pictures of everything for a while. But not to worry, I'm back on it this week! I'm sorry I didn't have a sewing tip this week. Fail! Next week, I promise.

Please don't leave me!


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  1. No worries, not going anywhere. :) It's okay to be busy, especially if it's watching Project Runway. I love that show!


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