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Can I just say how happy I am that last week is over?? Seriously, it was non-stop busy and I need a break! Last week was my last week of work until end of June and I couldn't be more thrilled about that!!!

Here's a little glimpse of my week. You can follow me on Instagram {meredith_hautetosew}

1.  Mr. Perfect brought home so flowers for our anniversary. So pretty!

2.  So I have my engagement ring, and my wedding band that runs along the bottom. The intention has been to buy another contoured band one day as an anniversary band to complete the look. Well guess what friends, Mr. Perfect bought it our anniversary. I already got it sized and soldered to the rest of the set. It's so beautiful, I just love it!

3.  Can you believe these twin's names???? I mean really. Nothing like setting up your children for a miserable life right out the womb.

4.  And once you stop laughing at the twins, start laughing at their older brother's name! What is wrong with these parents?!?! This is just blew my mind.

5.  We spent Sunday at Kauffman Stadium watching the Royals vs. Yankees. Part of my gift to Mr. Perfect for our anniversary.

6.  Our stadium got a major facelift a couple years ago and it is amazing! It is so much fun to go to ball games there.

7.  Gotta have peanuts!

8.  We met up with a friend who was part of a group in a dugout suite. It was pretty amazing to get that kind of view.

9.  Had a post-game cocktail on a rooftop downtown. I always enjoy discovering new places in the city.

10.  Last night we had some wicked storms blow through. Huge hail. Tornado sirens going off. Torrential rain. Us, the kiddo, the dog and my mom spent some quality time in the basement bathroom with a pizza. Good times.

There was so much more this week I could have gotten pictures of, but was just too busy! Celebrated a niece's birthday and a nephew's birthday. Work, work, work. Now that I'm done with work for awhile, I'm so excited to have time to get some projects done!! I have a super long to-do list! Can't wait to share it all with you. YAY!

Now it's time to take a breath, and quite possibly a nap!


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  1. Ok,,,,the flowers are beautiful, your ring is gorgeous!! Those names are insane! Love watching ballgames in person, so much better than on tv. Aaand, that piece of hail is ginormous!!!! Glad it didn't fall on your head! Hope you have a great week, and take a nap or two for me!1 :)


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