{Sewing Tip Tuesday} #12

I've got a new sewing tip for you today! Hooray!

This one is a good one for anyone that does quilting or uses bias tape. I haven't quite mastered bias tape. I've only attempted it a couple times and I have to admit I'm not that great at sewing it. This is one of the reasons I haven't decided to make a quilt yet lol.

Anyway, I got this tip from MeiJo's JOY.  She uses the casing from a crafting blade to make her own bias tape. Check out this picture:

She has 2 blades at different widths. Remove the blades and the end piece. Fold your fabric into the shape you want and feed it through the casing. Iron when it comes out the other side. Go check out her blog to see how she does it!!


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  1. K, I need one of these! As always, thanks for the tip!

  2. Wow...have you tried it? Does it really work that easily?


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