I'm a small blog. I know that. I don't pretend to have some huge following or tons of pageviews or anything like that. I'm not on Twitter or Facebook. I don't really have tons of time to network. I just blog to blog. I know some people read this {my mom, Amy}. I've had some features here and there. I probably do more stalking in blogland than I am stalked by others. And that's ok with me. So imagine my surprise when I looked at my stats last Thursday and had almost 800 pageviews in one day!!!! What?!?! I don't check my stats every day. I don't even check them every week. Some weeks I don't even blog at all. But I do know that I average about 170 pageviews a day when I'm not doing anything. And around 250 a day when I participate in other blogs linky parties. Not huge. Not even all that great numbers. But hey, like I said, it's ok with me. 800 though?!?!!! I was shocked. And happy. And confused. And maybe I squealed a little {tehe}. It made me feel special. So if you are one of those 800 people THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if you aren't, but you read my blog at any other time THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It really means a lot to me that anyone at all reads my blog.


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  1. I'm most amazed by what posts end up being most popular. One that I almost didn't put up about making a bird bath out of a vase and platter ended up being a huge success. It got pinned and repinned. I still get people looking at it almost daily. Ya never know...

  2. It does feel terrific when you get a lot of page views, doesn't it? Talk about a huge ego boost! Best of luck to you. I know you can do it!

  3. Makes me feel good that I'm mentioned by name. :)

    Way to go! 800 views in a day, wahoo!

  4. I think it was your island project. I'm pretty sure I saw it mentioned on TipJunkie as being the most clicked on link from last weeks linky party. It was amazing! (And so are you!)


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