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It's that time...

Let's mark this day in history...my post this week is going to be a baking post...gasp! Just so you know, this will probably be the only time I will ever write about something I have cooked or baked. Not because this is a  DIY/sewing blog, but because I DON'T COOK!! Like, ever. Mr. Perfect cooks dinner every single night. He cooks, I clean. I don't like to cook. I don't know how to cook. I'm a complete disaster in the kitchen...every...single...time....with this one being no exception. Quite frankly, I debated on whether or not I would even post about this. I'm pretty sure I'm going to embarrass myself.

My little sis turned 28 last week (although she thinks she's 22). She has made these elaborate, incredible, to-die-for cupcakes for every birthday in the family this past year. So who would make them for her?? Only the worst baker in the entire family! Duh! You know how everyone has a "thing"? Some people love frogs, or roosters, or polka dots, or the color pink....well my sister has a thing for pink flamingos. Which brings me to the inspiration this week...

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Cute right?  WAY better than mine....as you will see...

Now for the embarrassing part


Pink Flamingos in a pool, what could be cuter than that?!? Looks mildly ok from up here, but let's take a closer look shall we...

So I got all fancy about this and bought special cupcake liners from Hobby Lobby. Have you ever tried these before? It says you can just but the cups on a baking sheet and cook them with muffin tins. Yeah right. All lies.

 Do you see the shape of these?!?!? Those don't look anything like the ones in the picture! They're weird and look like cupcake blobs. I had to hold this pan back and use only the ones that were mostly round. But wait, am I ignoring the other obvious problem here? The liners have peeled away from the cupcakes over night! What is up with that?!?!?!? Seriously!

All their skin is falling off! GRRR!!

 And I'm pretty sure you've noticed their floppy wings too. Here's a crappy cell phone picture of what they looked like the night before....

All their heads stand up straight, all their wings are nice and stiff, everything looks super cute and I'm pleased.

All the tutorials I looked at online used sugar to make the wings. I thought that would be too time consuming and difficult for my peanut butter and jelly experience. I saw this sugar sheet at Hobby Lobby and thought I'd give it a whirl.

Note to self: just follow the tutorials, don't improvise on something you know nothing about!

It says you can just cut out what shapes you want. So I did. Then in the morning they had flopped over and died.

In the end we decided that after I went to bed, the flamingos stole some of my vodka and had a little party. So in the morning they had droopy skin, floppy wings, and couldn't hold their heads up straight. You can never trust those sneaky birds! You can also never trust me to make anything in the kitchen

How embarrassing.


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  1. Well, think of the self esteem boost your sister will have when she sees how no one else (not you anyway) can make these cupcakes;-)

    It is sooo disappointing when you get ripped off by false advertising. Thanks for the heads up on these products.

  2. Ha ha ha ha!! I'm sorry, I shouldn't laugh. You're way cool to try something so far out of your comfort zone and then STILL post it even when it didn't quite work out.
    Looks aside, I bet those little flamingos were tasty. And that's the important thing, right? Along with the heart and effort that went into it.
    Labor of love.

  3. I still think they are cute! Just think of it this way, the things that went wrong were things that weren't your fault. I've been there more times than I can count!

  4. The were still very cute - even if their wings had "relaxed" a bit. I know they tasted good and you should still be proud. ...and your sister told you a few hints that could help in the future. Because you know - you have to make them for her every year now!

  5. Girl! It's all good. I don't think I would have looked past all that yummy frosting.

  6. OMG, I can only imagine the slew of profanity emanating from kitchen that night/morning-after. I completely applaud you for the effort and I'm sure Valerie loved them. To be honest, I like yours way better than the "what they're supposed to look like" picture. Yours are cute!

  7. Hey all cooks make mistakes hon,that looks kind hard to do for a experience cook. You deserve 10 + for trying...lol


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