{Sewing Tip Tuesday} #7

Hello Hello!!
I'm back! Sorry for the short break last week.
I was busy working on a project for my mother-in-law. 
She is LDS and there is a new temple opening here in Kansas City in a couple weeks. She had an idea for a screen printed handkerchief to sell for the dedication. Anyway, I was busy setting up the website/blog to sell them from. They are really beautiful. So if you are interested, check it out!

Ok, I'm done doing my shameless plug...let's get on with the show!

The tip today is a GREAT one for quilters, or anyone that uses a rotary cutter a lot. I use mine quite frequently. I use it to cut everything from fabric to paper. It really is a must-have tool. Get one if you don't have one! Seriously, like run to the store.

What happens when that blade gets dull?
Do you scream or cuss or get so frustrated that you throw it across the room? Yeah, that might just be me, but whatevs.

I saw this fan-TAB-ulous tip over at Sugar Bee Crafts.
Mandy says she saw it somewhere else, but I'm still giving her credit since her site is where I saw it!

When that rotary cutter gets dull, run it over foil to sharpen it!

Sugar Bee Crafts

Give it a try!
It might just save you some $$$$$ on rotary blades!!

PS   I have something new and exciting happening around here. I will share it later this week. I bet you can guess...it involves a new way for us to be bff's...


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  1. Ooh a new temple! How exciting! (I'm LDS too). We're getting one built really close to us in Phoenix. It won't be done till late 2013, which I'm sad about. I wish it would hurry up! The closest temple to us is 45 minutes away. I love, love, love the temple. Inside, I feel like Bret and I can be together as a family with our angel baby Ella. It's such a peaceful, pure place. A little bit of heaven. I can rejuvinate and "recharge". I always go in feeling a weight off my chest and come out feeling happy.

    On another note, I don't have a rotary cutter but it's looking like I might need to invest in one! This was yet another great tip!

  2. Does it work for a regular blade too?

  3. I will be giving this a try. My cutter is a wee bit on the dull side.
    Love the blog. The hankies are lovely. You guys should make some with various temples on it. The Salt Lake and St. George temples are two of my favorites.


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