{Sewing Tip Tuesday} #6

Hi all! Hope your week has started off great!
We have gorgeous weather in Kansas City, 70's and 80's
With flowers blooming and trees budding
I'm SO excited!! This is my favorite time of year!

Ready for another sewing tip?
I betcha you are...

I didn't have any stroke of genius this week so I'm highlighting a tip I pinned. It's pretty sweet if you ask me!

source via Pinterest

This one comes from Craft Stylish. It says to put a rubber band around the arm of your sewing machine to use as a guide for larger seam allowances. Pretty darn smart!!

I love tips like this! Seriously gonna have to store this one away in the memory bank!

Make sure to come back tomorrow....I have a sweet tutorial for some DIY, CHEAP, jewelry! <---3 of my favorite words

....on a random side note...every time I say something like "tomorrow I will show you blah blah blah", I always have this urge to write "Stay tuned for tomorrow" at the beginning, like it's some kind of tv show or radio program or something. Haha, I don't know why I want to say "stay tuned", but I always talk myself out of it because I don't want to sound retarded. Oh geez, I need to stop writing...now!


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  1. I was taking a break from trying to sew seams on my quilt project when I read this. While muttering curses, I wondered why they could not put in a slight edge on the food I could bump against. I'm off to get a rubber band right now. This should work great! Thanks for the suggestion.

    (I'm staying tuned;-})


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