{Sewing Tip Tuesday} #1

Welcome!! I'm so excited to start a new series today!!

This tip is one of my own. It uses some of these....

And this is what I use them for...

See how think all that fabric is?? How can you possibly put a pin through that?? Uh, the answer is, you can't. Back when I sewed my very first lanyard I sat in my sewing room looking for a better way to hold a thick section of fabric together, the pin just wasn't cuttin it. The light bulb went off when I saw a binder clip, hooray!

So now I do this all the time. Just clip them around your piece and remove them right before the fabric goes under your machine. They have enough strength to keep your fabrics from sliding around. Works like a charm!

I also did this when I made my Manly Tablet Cover. Try it out next time you have thicker fabric!

Another instance I just thought of that you might use this for is if you have a material you might not want to poke holes in. Like, in the pictures above, I wouldn't want to poke holes in that vinyl because, you know,  they aren't going to close up!

Not a bad tip huh? Go use it!


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