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Seeing as how our house was built in the 70's, we have 2 of the ugliest bathrooms EVER! No joke, they make me want to barf. I'm going to apologize in advance, I don't have very good before pictures. This remodel was not planned and took over a year, working on it all bit by bit. The bulk of it was actually done before I even started this blog. I never blogged about it because we never replaced the floor...it was hideous. I finally convinced Mr Perfect over Christmas to put a new floor in. I love it now!

So here's what we started with...

 This picture was actually taken when we were doing our final walk through before signing on the house in 2009. It seems to be the ONLY before picture I have :(  Sad story. As you can kinda see, there are ugly, nasty shower doors {I hate those things}...a marble countertop complete with flecks of gold, and a sink to match...dark ugly dated vanity...gray-ish, blue-ish, white-ish walls...and lets not look passed all that lovely yellow/camel colored tile. It pretty much covers the whole bathroom.

 And here is a cell phone picture of the new tile we put down for the floor...but you can see the beautiful linoleum we had before. Gag

So here's the deal...we aren't made of money so gutting the bathroom and starting over was not an option. We had to work with what we've got. The yellow tile had to stay. But it's ok...I went with the yellow/gray color scheme! The vanity also had to stay, and the countertop. But that's ok too...paint is my best friend. And thank goodness there are countertop paints out there now!

Ok, so I know you are dying to see it...

if the colors vary, blame it on the fact that there's no natural light in a bathroom :( 

I don't usually put my shower curtain up so high, but the kiddo broke the tension on the rod...it won't stay up now unless it's above those tiles...and let's face it, that's an expensive rod and I'm too cheap to buy another one. Thanks kid

Ignore the lower right corner where a couple tiles are missing...they popped off when the floor was installed and Mr Perfect hasn't glued them back on yet.

To see my project involving that little shelf and the vases, go here

I pretty much love it! I did all the painting and Mr Perfect tiled the floor....not too shabby for his first time!

Your thoughts??


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  1. Gorgeous! I love it. Way to go with working with what you have! Turned out awesome.

  2. You really made a huge difference here. Looks so fresh and clean.

  3. I love it! Looks great! You could always add a strip of fabric to the bottom of your shower curtain to bring it all the way to the floor.

  4. Awesome makeover!! I would love for you to come share today over at Passionatelyperfect.com!!

  5. It looks fabulous!!!! I love how you made it work. Noone would ever know you didn't plan out the color scheme. Terrific job!

  6. I love the transformation! It looks amazing! Thanks so much for stopping by to link up at Sassy Sites ffa Friday party! Have a great weekend!


  7. Love the new tile and how you made the old yellow tile work...it looks really nice together!

  8. Love Heather's idea of lengthening the curtain. You'll have to take a close up of the clock above the commode so everyone can see what you did...so genius!

  9. Your would think you did do a total transformation, because it looks like it. The tile is amazing. The cabinet looks great too, I like the bottom being lighter. Did you paint the top? In the before pictures its light. It looks amazing! As far as you shower curtain, find a fabric you like and add ruffles or something on the bottom or top. You guys did a great job,and you should be proud. Thanks for sharing your creative inspiration at Sunday's Best!

  10. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I featured your bathroom redo on this week’s Wicked Awesome Wednesday link party. GREAT WORK! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Beautiful! What color paint did you use?

  12. The bathroom looks so great! I never would have guessed that the yellow tiles weren't what you actually wanted! They look so great! What kind of paint did you use for the countertop? I am reading your entire blog today...

    1. Michelle, I used Giani Paint system. You can google their website or buy it at Walmart. I did the same paint treatment in my kitchen remodel. I really like it. It's cheap and looks pretty darn good!

  13. I am in the middle of a couple of bathroom remodels myself! One of the bathrooms has those nasty glass doors! I wanted to replace it with a clean new one but then thought about just removing it! Did you remove yours or just put a shower curtain over it. I want soo bad to remove mine and just put up a curtain but I don't know anyone whose has done that. They are so hard to clean and I can never ever get all the scum stuff out of the tracks etc. If you did remove it what did you do to the holes etc! Thanks in advance for your time!

  14. I am so glad I found this. We just purchased a 1960's home with 3 1/2 original bathrooms. Obviously to gut all 3 would cost a fortune! The master bath has the same lovely yellow tile and faux marble laminate that you started with. I was thinking about a yellow and gray color scheme. You have confirmed it for me! Great job working with what you have!!!

  15. I am so glad I found this. We just purchased a 1960's home with 3 1/2 original bathrooms. Obviously to gut all 3 would cost a fortune! The master bath has the same lovely yellow tile and faux marble laminate that you started with. I was thinking about a yellow and gray color scheme. You have confirmed it for me! Great job working with what you have!!!

  16. I love it! You've inspired a makeover to our bathroom that is very similar minus the yellow tiles. Ours are white. Plus, we don't have a tub, just a shower stall, so may have to buy new doors. Great job! Looks so much more classy! I can't wait to get started on ours now!

  17. Perfect work!!!Looks so great..Nice finshing work of Bath Remodeling

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