Lanyard/Keychain Thing-a-ma-boppers

In case you missed it, I did a guest post on Sunday over at
Tattered and Inked
So I'm going to re-post it :)

Today I am going to share a tutorial with you on how to make a lanyard/key chain.
I am a school photographer and I have to wear a name tag to work every day.
Lanyards are usually soooo boring, so I make my own!

So here's how I started

First I cut a strip of fabric 2 inches wide and 35 inches long {cut selvage to selvage}

Next iron the strip the strip lengthwise wrong sides together
Open it up and iron each side to meet the middle fold
Then fold it back in half and press flat
Please ignore how gross and stained my ironing board is, thank you!
 Then just sew straight down each side
Make sure you backstitch at both ends
I started with the open side to kinda put the fabric place so it doesn't slide around
I lined my edge up with that little metal piece under my presser foot...you see it?
I hope your machine has one too...if not, it's about 1/8 of an inch

Almost done!
Match up your ends and fold about an inch upwards
I held mine in place with a binder clip :)

I changed my needle to a size 16 for the next part because you are sewing through 16 layers of fabric!!
So just sew 2 lines right across where the ends are
Then slide on a split ring and you're finished!!

 Because you cut selvage to selvage your fabric shouldn't fray as easily, but just to make sure, I put a couple drops of Fray Check on those ends :)

And of course I have to show off my 2 pieces of flair! My District 12 button from Hunger Games! If you haven't read this trilogy, RUN, don't walk, RUN to your bookstore and read them ASAP!! And I have my Get Crafty button *wink*
So there you have it! If you can sew a straight line and iron, you're golden! 
These are super popular with teenagers too!
They love putting them on their keys...I see it all the time
Or you can shorten the length for a keychain for yourself :)

I hope you all enjoyed my little tut!

Much Love~

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  1. Wonderful tut! I am visiting from We did it wednesday, at sew much ado. I am from Kissing Bunnies cloth. I might have to borrow your tute and make a couple of these! Thank you for posting it!

  2. Great lanyard tutorial!
    Thanks for linking up last week at Sew Woodsy last week! Hope you'll join us tomorrow and link up!

  3. Bless u for this tutorial. So clear and easy to understand. Can u just do tutorials for everything from now on lol. Pictures show every step perfectly.

  4. Thank you so much! i was having so much trouble trying to buy on that i liked, then i came across some left over fabric! searched google and your post came up! Going to have to try this now :)

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