Clothes I've Made/Refashioned

Since I blogged about the outfit I refashioned yesterday, I thought it would be a good idea to show you some of the clothes I've made myself or refashioned in my pre-blogging days. Mmmkay?

Let's not get upset about the pictures...some might be slightly blurry...my mistake

Ok, first up, this tube top I knitted! It's the only clothing I've ever knitted for myself. It's super tiny knit too, and let me tell you, it took me like 2 months to make this thing!

I refashioned this tank. I had an old tank with a logo on it from a bar I used to work at that I wanted to cover up. I used another tshirt to cut up strips and sew them on in a ruffly sort of way to cover up the logo.
The skirt I made. It's a basic elastic wasted skirt....can you see the black elastic??
I actually wore this outfit to my 10 yr high school reunion last year.

 This skirt is basically the same as the previous one, except this one has a liner too. I should mention both of these fabrics for the skirts are vintage from a garage sale...awesome find right!?!
The shirt was a basic long sleeved white shirt that the sleeves had shrunk on. I cut the sleeves off, then used the fabric to made little snap up ties on the sleeves and the ruffles on the front.

This is the very first thing I sewed on my sewing machine. It's vintage fabric from that same garage sale. I used a pattern to make this shirt {only clothing I've ever used a pattern for}. It was definitely a learning experience. I think I called my mom used google about 50 times just to decipher the pattern! And it was supposed to be a dress, but I made it a shirt instead. I was pretty impressed with myself in the beginning because there's a fancy invisible zipper in the back....yeah...it's not invisible. Over a year later, I now know the proper way to install one :)

So there you have it.
Whatcha think?

Much Love~

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  1. I love all of them. Well done.

  2. I think that I should hate you because you're so thin... but since you're so talented, I'll go ahead and like you. :)

    Those look amazing! Nice work!

  3. I love all of them...esp your beautiful body! You will look fabulous in anything!


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