Still Alive

I've been absent from my blog for 8 days
Shame on me!
What a bad blogger I am

BUT I have excuses...
Doesn't everyone love to hear excuses?
Ah, well, that's all I got...excuses

Excuse #1
I spent the entire 4th of July weekend doing this:

Yeppers, that's me trying to stand on a raft!
Ok, so I didn't do exactly that all weekend, but I did spend every day in a pool of some sort.
It was hot, the pool was cool, and I loved every minute of it!

Excuse #2
I went back to work. 
My lazy summer days where I have unlimited time to do whatever I want to do, are over.
This makes me sad, but thus is live, let's move on.

Excuse #3
I decided to put TURQUOISE peek-a-boo highlights in my hair
Crazy I know, but it's just hair, it grows
When my hair is down, they aren't really visible, but the hair is up, or moves, KA-BLAM!
I'm going to dye it again to make the color darker and not quite as mermaid-ish
Maybe I'll show you again when I re-dye it (do you even care?)
Anywho...here it is
(sorry for the crappy photos and my naked face)

Excuse #4
I had a concert to attend
A monumental concert!
I am a die hard 311 fan, like to the core

First CD I ever owned was 311
I've seen them (now officially) TEN times!
I sing every song, I jump in the air, I totally rock out
I L.O.V.E. concerts
There is so much energy at a 311 concert!

So there you have it, my week in a nut shell
I have a new tutorial for you on monday, so be on the lookout.
Hope you all had a fantastic week!

P.S. I'm one follower away from 50 and that makes me smile :) Thanks to everyone who has made my blog start a terrific one!

Much Love~

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  1. I wondered when you were going to put something new up. Now I know all the excuses why you didn't!


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