Purse/Coat Hooks

My entryway is kind of an eyesore.
I don't even have a real rug inside my door...it's a carpet remnant...super classy I know!

Anywho, I needed somewhere to hang my purse when I come in the door
And I suppose it would be nice for my guests to have somewhere to hang stuff too

I saw these at Hobby Lobby for a whoppin $1.40 a piece
Woot! Score!

 But really, who needs 4 hooks that have crowns on them?? Yeah, not this girl! 
So I painted them :)
 And here they are!
Yes I realize the one my purse is hanging on is a wee bit wonky, but I promise I hung them level...I think the bracket on the back is off...but that's what you get for $1.40 right? Oh well, good enough

Cute enough I think :)
I'm certainly not the best painter in the world mmmkay

Much Love~

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  1. Super cute purse!

  2. So cool, and awesome. Much better than the crowns. :) I'm a new follower.

  3. bellissima idea complimenti oggi o visto veramente tante cose carine nel tuo blog che o appena scoperto lili un bacio

  4. These do-it-yourself purse hooks you posted will definitely save your bags from unwanted germs and bacteria usually found on the floors.


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