Valentine's for the Kiddo

I'm not big on the store bought valentine's for kids. They're all just, yuck. It's the same cartoon characters and dumb sayings. And seriously, the kids just bring them home and trash them anyway. So I helped the kiddo make her own. She loves to do crafts, so this was perfect for her. And the best part, she could do the whole project on her own with just a little guidance from me. WIN WIN!!

I made her a template to trace for the hearts. I also typed and printed the saying for them.

She did all the cutting and gluing. I think they are cute!

I just think personal, handmade valentine's are so much better. Are you with me on this one??


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  1. I most certainly agree. Much fun and cuteness to be had. Love it!

  2. Definitely with you on this! Turned out super cute!


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