Happy Mushy Lovey Dovey Day!

February 14th...it's mushy lovey dovey, kiss your hunnie, buy a Hallmark card day.

{Or it's boycott the hyped up, what's the big deal, wallow in self pity, lonely day} <----hopefully not you!

What are your big plans for the day??

We don't really have any. It's a Tuesday....which equals work, homework with the kiddo, kiddo's laundry, kiddo's shower and bedtime, kiddo, kiddo, kiddo.... you see the roadblock here? Not much room for romantic time. Sigh. Pretty sure Mr. Perfect is making baked salmon for dinner tonight though, and it is to DIE for! No lie.

No worries, we will be celebrating our happy time this weekend when the kiddo isn't here. We have dinner plans and we're going to a cabaret show. I'm pretty excited about it. I have a super fancy dress to wear. {maybe I'm more excited about the dress than anything, maybe haha}

So I went to wrap Mr. Perfect's gift yesterday and we didn't have any valentine's day wrapping paper. I could have swore we did, but no. And I wasn't gonna go get any either. What's a girl to do??? Make her own, duh!

So fun, so cute!

Can you guess what's in those packages?? I'll spill the beans only because I know he doesn't read my blog. Mr. is getting a new HTC Evo 3D, a case and screen protector! Woot!! He's going to LOVE it. He's still using an old crapberry that he hates. I had the same crapberry until I "found" an Epic in a bathroom one night. For some reason, there was no owner attached to the serial number when I took it to the Sprint store, so I got a new phone for free! Mr. Perfect has been super jealous ever since.... But, now he has the newer, better phone. Let the "I have a better phone than you" war begin!


I LOVE that man!! Enjoy your Mushy LOVEy Dovey Day!!


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  1. Yes, wrapping paper is VERY cute!!

    I do sort-of boycott the hype, but not because I'm lonely and bitter. :) We just aren't the celebratory types, at least when it comes to going out to dinner on V-day. Ugh, you couldn't pay me enough to go out on a night like this. Well, maybe a million dollars. For that I'd wait two hours for a table.

    We'll spend some time together, I'm sure. I'll clean the house all pretty, make dinner, we'll watch tv and I'll fall asleep. Just like any other night, but with more kisses. :)
    I'm pregnant though, so I look terrible in lingerie.

  2. After 36 years, not a lot of mushy - just dependable being there for each other and actually enjoying each other's company! Happy V day to you both!


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