{How Pinteresting} #2

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Time for week 2!

The lovely inspiration for the week...
Pinterest via Honestly WTF
So pretty.

If you read this tutorial, it says to use waxed linen cord??? Ok maybe I'm a tard, but I don't know what that is or where to get it....probably Hobby Lobby but I don't feel good so I improvised with what is in my house. No shopping for me.

I used:
*leather cord
*embroidery floss
*a hex nut {I couldn't decide which one to use, but I went with the smaller one}
*silver ball chain

And here's mine!

I think I finished mine off a little differently, oh well, who cares. And I gotta tell ya, I really wanted one that was pretty long that I could wrap around my wrist multiple times, like 5, but making one of these is super duper tedious and I got bored with it. tehe  Plus, this is all I could complete in one episode of the Bachelor. Do you watch that show? Do you despise Courtney like everyone else? I do. She's fake and I totally hate how she bites her lip all the time and talks like a baby. Oh Ben, I sure hope your brain kicks in soon...


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  1. The dudes on that show don't think with their brains.
    A fact I have come to accept. (Hello Jake and Vienna???!!)

    Cute bracelet, I'm astonished you had all that stuff on hand! Makes me want to start digging in all my craft junk.

  2. Awesome! Too bad it's tedious, this is one I think would look great layered with a few more. :-)

  3. I am loving this pinterest series. You're doing such a great job with your project picks. I really, really love the paper bag basket. I need to do some of the things I've pinned. Such great inspiration!

  4. Came from a link party to see your paper bag basket and found this project, too. Both are great as are the sewing tips I've been wandering through. I'm following so that I don't miss anything else;-}


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