{Sewing Tip Tuesday} #4

Time for another sewing tip!
Shout if you are excited! Ok, I can't hear you shouting, but I'll pretend you are excited alrighty?

Here's a tip for anyone that uses zippers. I use tons and tons of zippers. I buy them in bulk because I use so many! If you use zippers as much as I do you might know this trick, if not, hope this helps you should you need to use a zipper.

Ok we are going to shorten a zipper in under a minute using your sewing machine. Ready??

First put your machine on a zigzag stitch....I use the number 4 stitch you see here...

Then set your stitch length to 0.0 so your needle does NOT advance. And your stitch width to 5.0.

Put your zipper under your needle and lower the needle down just on the right edge of the teeth. Does that make sense?

Then stitch a handful of times, like maybe 8 or 9.  Cut off the end you don't need. And that's it!

Now you can shorten a zipper with your machine in under a minute! Congrats! Super duper easy!

On a side note, I'm so glad I can write all this and not have to speak it to anyone...I have a froggy voice. Boo. I'm not sick, at least I don't feel sick. But I sure do have a hoarse voice. I've had a terrible sore throat for the last 4 days...no congestion...no headaches...don't feel bad...just raging pain in my throat...UGH!!! Hopefully it will either manifest into some cold I can attack with mucinex or GO AWAY!! Wish me luck!

OH, and today is my sister's 28th birthday AND my parent's 36th wedding anniversary. So Happy Birthday to my sis! And Happy Anniversary to my parents {I know mom will see this at some point}


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  1. Great tip, as always.
    I didn't know you could buy zippers in bulk, where do you do that?

  2. Thank you for the anniversary wishes! Hope your throat gets better soon.


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