Work Shirt Refashion

So I have a closet full of "work" shirts that I'm "supposed" to wear
Do I wear them??
Uh, no.
I hate them.
They are all boxy and don't fit me at all
My boss orders more of them every year and I just hang them up and wear something else
Sometimes I feel guilty for doing this.
Everyone else wears theirs
But I just don't
And when I do, someone always asks "why are you wearing that shirt??"
I think they've come to expect me not to wear uniforms

Well the time of year has come when my boss once again asked for shirt sizes
As always I say WOMEN'S SMALL!!!
Haven't gotten this round of shirts yet so we'll see what they're like this year
However, he seems like he's going to be a stickler on this shirt thing this year...at least for now
Hope he doesn't mind that I refashioned my old shirts!!

Here's what I started with...

See why I despise these shirts {I hope he never stumbles across my blog}
See the terrified look on my face??
See the longer hem in the back?
One thing you can barely see is my boobie bumps! Sheesh!



Now THIS I can handle
I have another shirt like this in black that I will FOR SURE be doing the same thing to

Hate your clothes too??
Change them!

Much Love~

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  1. I have tons of shirts I would love to change up like this… you should do a tutorial.

  2. this actually looks cute! great job.

  3. I have this same exact issue! A men's XS polo is still HUGE! My new work shirts are in the dryer right now. I've totally got this.


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