Chef Coat Tailoring

A friend of mine is the General Manager at an On The Border in my area
She asked me to turn her long sleeved chef coats into short sleeved ones.
Ok, no biggie.

I decided to use a double needle for this one
I've never used it before and I had to get out my manual to figure it out
I have to admit...I don't like it
Don't get me wrong, I think the end product looks fantastic and it definitely saves time
But I just didn't like threading both needles and winding multiple bobbins.
Yuck, just a pain.

Oh well, I conquered it

Here's what I started with
...sort of...
As you can see, I had already chopped off the sleeves of the other 2 before I remembered to take a picture

Ta Da!

See how nice the double needle stitching looks!

Much Love~

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  1. I love double stitching! I wish I had a machine that did it. Tell your dad I need a new sewing machine for my birthday - one that does stuff beyond going forward and back and zigzagging!

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