VERY Late Pinterest Picks {Week 5}

I'm such a bad blogger
I don't feel like I've done anything on my blog this month
August has been a VERY busy month at our house
I just finished up ANOTHER 55 hour week
I was sick half the week too

So here I am posting my Pinterest Picks for this week...
....2 days late.
Sorry people

So here goes

This week I'm sharing something FUN!
I love funny, witty sayings
These are all from my Words board

Haha This is what I feel like when the weekend starts!

I may be 29, but I still call my mom for all kinds of stupid things...do we ever stop doing that???

You know, I'm kind of a big deal.
If the shoe fits!

Who can relate to this one?!


So go check out the rest of my board Words

I promise I won't be a crappy blogger this week.
I already have posts lined up!

Much Love~

Pin It!

1 comment:

  1. I'm hilarious too.
    When I feel like it.
    I don't drink champagne though.
    So I can't relate to that.
    All I need is a pepsi and I'm crazy enough for the both of us.
    And I don't have thumbprints either.
    We should do some kind of high-profile diamond heist.


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