T Shirt Quilt

I said I was back to blogging, then I disappeared again! Argh!
There is an explanation.... one that you will see here soon through some posts I WILL write :)

This may be long overdue, and since there is no threat of spoiling my sisters' Christmas present anymore, I'm sharing with you the T Shirt Quilt I made her.

My sister has always been a very skinny person, but in the past year or two she has (sis forgive me) put on some "happy/beer" weight. As a result, she has had to part with all her beloved clothes. She brings bags of clothes to me to go through before we donate them. I gotta admit, she's got some great stuff! She had no clue I had been holding onto all the t shirts she's parted with. She is a yoga pant, t shirt kinda gal, so I know it was hard for her to get rid of her fun shirts. So for Christmas I decided to make her a t shirt quilt.

I've debated on making a quilt before, but just never gave it a go. After doing this quilt, I may have to throw in the towel and never make another one again. SO MUCH WORK! And math too....geez I hate math...

Not the best picture in the world...

She loved it! The back is a soft fleece. It is a black base, with brightly colored flowers all over it. I was actually surprised that the binding was as easy as it was. I expected it to be much harder! I also did NOT use any batting. I figured with the fleece backing, it would be thick enough and warm enough without it. Plus, I'm cheap and batting is not!

In the end I was happy that she was happy! This project definitely put my patience to the test, but I loved out it turned out!


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  1. That turned out really great!! Your sister is lucky!

  2. It's so cute!! I have tons of t-shirt scraps that I've been wanting to make into a quilt. I'm just.. dah... I dunno. Unmotivated I guess. Go you!


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