RAWR Dinosaurs!

Does anyone follow see kate sew?
Well you should.
She's a fantastic seamstress

Anyway, she was looking for a few peeps to test out a pattern for her
Good thing I'm a slave to my phone and saw the email right away so I could volunteer!
The pattern we tested was a Dinosaur! RAWR!
So cute!

Here's how mine turned out

Isn't he marvelous???

My nephew will be receiving him for a birthday present in a couple weeks :)

So her pattern goes on sale today!
Go check it out

Much Love~

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  1. I love your plaid dino! Thanks again Meredith!

  2. I love dinosaurs! and yours is absolutely adorable! Great job, Meredith!

  3. i LOVE the preppiness of the plaid! your dino is ferocious for sure :)

  4. Sooo cute! I love dinosaurs and my son does too! he may get one in his stocking for Christmas!

  5. Love the dino! RAWR!

  6. Your nephew will love his dino. Great job! Thanks so much for sharing this at my Fab Friday linky party.

    Warmly, Michelle


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