How to Shorten Sleeves

I have long arms
Always have
Like a monkey
And I'm thin
So long sleeved shirts are not ideal for me
The sleeves always shrink
This makes me not happy
Just another reason I hate winter

Ok, I'm over it!
I just cut the sleeves off when they shrink in the dryer and make a new 3/4 shirt :)

Here's how.
Start with a shirt the sleeves have shrunk on. {I love this color}
Measure where you want to cut the sleeves. It's definitely helpful to use a straight edge!
I cut about 10" off mine.

Fold sleeve up about a 1/2" and press
Fold it up again another 1 1/2" and press.
Then sew about 1/4" from the first folded edge.
And that's it!
The sleeves on this shirt had large ribbing so it puckered a bit when I sewed it.
Oh well. I'll still wear it anyway, cuz hey, it was a free fix!
Some people would prefer to turn the sleeves under to sew, but I wanted the look of a cuff.

So easy right?

Much Love~

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  1. Hi, I'm having trouble loading the pictures in this tutorial but really want to try it. They don't appear in either browser I try(safari or firefox)

    can you email me please?



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