Sweet Smelling Panties

Do you like your panty drawer to smell nice?
Who doesn't, right?

Last September I made a couple pretty smelling sachets for my mother for her birthday. So when Christmas came around, I thought, what a great, EASY, project for my grandmother, aunt, and all my female in-laws.

I wish I had better pictures of these. Unfortunately, like most of my previous projects, I didn't have a blog on my mind when taking these pictures, but they still work and you get the idea :)

 They smelled so lovely and were a big hit!

Much Love~Meredith

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  1. Hello, just dropping by. If you are interested and would like to do a guest blog and do a diy tutorial let me know! i would love to feature you!


  2. what do yo put in the sachets?

  3. You should have pictures of the ones you made for me too. I put one in my closet and it makes my clothes smell good.

  4. You can put anything in the sachets, potpourri, lavender buds. I actually used the scented beads from sachets sold at walmart. They come in a plastic envelope in the candle aisle. I open them up, pour the beads in a piece of pantyhose, sew it shut and slip it in my sachet

  5. Mom, The ones I made you were so long ago, I never thought to take pictures of them :(


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